Notice of Trespass


Individuals seeking a No Trespass against someone must write a letter to the individual advising them
they are to stay off thier property. The letter needs to include the following:

Name & address of recipient
Letter content to stay off thier stated property
Sender's name, address & signature

Sender needs to send the letter by certified mail, return reciept to individual. Once the post office returns
reciept of delivery OR refusal back to the sender, the sender then brings a copy of the letter as well as the
reciept from the Post Office into the Sheriffs Office. The Sheriff's Office will then keep the letter on file.
When the individual trespass's after this process, the Sender can contact either HQ or the Sheriff's Office
to have that individual removed or other appropriate action taken by a deputy.

If you have any questions regarding this policy please contact the Sheriff's Office.